Locksmith Services in Austin, TX

residential lock

Residential Locksmith services in Austin & surrounding areas

Take the security of your residential property a step above the commonly used locks that can be easily picked or malfunction over time by having us install our most highly recommended grade one or two deadbolts or door knobs. Let our knowledge and expertise assist you with providing the security that's needed to keep you and your family safe and secure.

Moved to a new property?

First of all, if you happen to move to a new property congratulations! It is essential for you to get new keys since you never know who has a copy of the existing keys given to you.

Quick and easy Locksmith can help get your locks rekeyed without having to change out the hardware and having to spend potentially hundreds of dollars more to get all the hardware changed out. Feel free to give us a call if you're looking for high-quality and affordable residential locksmith services in Austin, TX.

commercial lock

Commercial Locksmith services in Austin & surrounding areas

Quick & Easy Locksmith focuses on providing the upmost expert detail oriented Commercial Locksmith Services to businesses and residential properties in Austin and its surrounding areas.

Whether it’s a commercial heavy-duty deadbolt set, panic bar installs, commercial lockouts, Adams-rite hardware installations on metal glass doors, master rekey systems or general Locksmith Services, we’ll cater to the specific requirements to complete above and beyond satisfactory services for our customers.

No project is too big or small for us to have the pleasure of working on. One of the many services we provide are full Lock conversions, which a greater portion of other locksmiths typically refrain from working on.

Feel free to check out our Photo collection of the various projects we have completed so far! Contact us for professional commercial locksmith services in Austin, TX.

automotive lock

Automotive Locksmith services in Austin & surrounding areas

On average about 4 million Americans a year get locked out of their car, and those are just the reported ones.

Quick & Easy is how car lockout services should be provided. Car lockouts are one of the most used services that locksmiths get called for.

Refrain from scratching or damaging your door frames while trying to unlock your vehicle on your own. With the proper tools and knowledge, we are typically able to unlock any vehicle within 5 minutes of arriving.

Sometimes you may not have a spare key, or if you happen to have roadside assistance the waiting time could be horrific. You can’t always expect the unexpected, which is why we decided to have professional yet affordable rates for our fellow customers in need of unlocking their vehicles. Feel free to give us a call if you're looking for quick and reliable automotive locksmith services in Austin, TX.

Curious about the work we do?

Whether It's a traditional locksmith service or a job where some creative improvisation is required, we love to get our hands involved in just about any project. Check out our portfolio collection of lock hardware installations, rekeys, lockouts and much more!