About Us

Your Expert Locksmith

There’s a reason we decided the name “Quick and Easy” was the most appropriate. All of our jobs will be taken care by us, no third-party dispatch teams, no subcontractors, no unmarked or unlicensed locksmiths. Quick & Easy Locksmith is a licensed, bonded and insured Professional locksmith company. We will be answering any questions and concerns during work hours. This eliminates the process of going back & forth with the office and field technicians to a much easier going, direct approach.

We specialize in installing and repairing Commercial and residential Door hardware, including heavy duty locks, Mortis locks, door closers, fresh installations, conversions, car lockouts, gate locks, Industrial locks, and our personal favorite, rekeys!

This company is built on passion for providing valuable & efficient customer service. We want you to feel like you are being treated respectably and fairly at all times, and if at any point we as a company have left you unsatisfied with our service, please contact us immediately so this could be addressed and resolved.

About the Owner


Hi there, my name is Daniel! First of all, I’d like to personally thank you for clicking on my page. If you’ve ever started anything from scratch you must know how exciting it is to start. This locksmith journey began when I was only 17 years old. With well over 35,000 hours of accumulated locksmithing experience. Whether it’s dealing with lockouts, Keyless entry installations, or commercial work, I’ve done it all. Growing up in NYC has not only allowed me to hone my craft in this industry but taught me the importance of being exceedingly detail oriented & customer centric. In addition, I’ve worked in Minneapolis (MN) for 2 years running a 24-hour Locksmith business which unfortunately had to be closed down due to covid. Nonetheless It’s exciting to be in Austin now. I’m ambitious and really excited to bring a true authentic & trustworthy experience to anyone that is need of consultation or services.

Why choose Quick and Easy Locksmith?

Out of the tens of dozens locksmith companies located in the Austin Texas area, we believe that our services are unique in a sense of reliability, authenticity, and most importantly our dedication to go above and beyond for our customers. It is our primary priority that you remain feeling secured, protected, and more than satisfied with our efforts.

Even though we don’t provide 24-hour services as of yet, the quality of our services & work continues to improve. In addition, it’s come to our attention that the majority of people who are in need of locksmith services don’t develop a long-lasting trustworthy relationship with their fellow locksmiths, we want to be able to change that.

Whether you’re calling us for a simple lock change or lockout, or stumble upon a complicated lock situation here in Austin Texas, you can expect our work to be detail oriented and efficient.

Quick and Easy Locksmith only works with high quantity hardware. As part of our high-quality service, you can count on us with using top major brands. If the case may be for a commercial metal door, old Wooden door, or even a semi-truck lockout service, we will cater to your needs.

Have you never called a locksmith before?

As a customer centric company we understand how overwhelming choosing a locksmith can be at times. We really want to live up to our name. In order for you to feel more at ease and comfortable we’ve put together a price list that could make shopping around for a locksmith slightly more straight forward.